Lynne Walz

Lynne Walz (State Senator - D)

Senator Walz sent her children to a private school, but opposes programs that would allow low-income families to do the same.

Connie Duncan

Connie Duncan (School Board - NP)

Ms. Duncan (Lincoln, NE) sent her own children to private schools, but fights against school choice for low-income families.

Carol Blood

Carol Blood (State Legislator - D)

Senator Blood fights against private school scholarships for low-income children, but her own children attended a private school.

Steve Lathrop

Steve Lathrop (State Senator - D)

Senator Lathrop sent his kids to a private Catholic school, but opposes allowing low-income families the same opportunities.

Sally Nellson Barrett

Sally Nellson Barrett (Exec. Dir. I Love Public Schools)

Nellson Barrett's organization has made over 100 films extolling the virtues of Nebraska's government schools. She chooses to send her own kids to private schools, however.