| TV APPEARANCE | Corey DeAngelis - Cavuto: Coast to Coast (FBN) - April 23, 2021
Corey DeAngelis appears on Fox Business News to discuss how the pandemic has exposed an already-fragile public education system rife with discrepancies in opportunity.

| MEDIA EVENT | School Choice Myths - Children's Scholarship Fund's Lunch and Learn Event - April 20, 2021
Corey DeAngelis and Neal McCluskey discuss their recent book, "School Choice Myths," with Darla Romfo. They dispel common fallacies regarding school choice and raise ways to empower families with the tools to succeed through education.

| TV MENTION | THE FIVE - FOX NEWS - April 13, 2021
Greg Gutfeld namedrops Corey DeAngelis and his research on the power of teachers unions and a nationwide push to fund students directly during FNC's The Five.

| PODCAST | Corey DeAngelis - Tipping Point New Mexico (Rio Grande Foundation) - April 7, 2021
Corey DeAngelis discusses the unaccountable nature of the government monopoly on public schools. He highlights the record support for school choice and his recent research on the connection between strong teachers unions and the likelihood that schools remain closed for in-person instruction.

| TV APPEARANCE | Corey DeAngelis - KENNEDY (FBN) - March 24, 2021
Corey DeAngelis appears on Kennedy to discuss teachers unions' objections to updated CDC school guidelines.

| MEDIA EVENT | COVID-19 Didn’t Break the Public School System, It Was Already Broken - Adam Smith Week (AIER) - March 17, 2021
Corey DeAngelis participates alongside Phil Magness in the 13th annual Adam Smith Week, hosted by the College of Charleston's Center for Public Choice and Market Process.  They discuss the mass exodus from traditional public schools and the potential to restructure and reimagine antiquated funding mechanisms.

| TV APPEARANCE | Corey DeAngelis - CAN TV (Chicago) - March 12, 2021
Corey DeAngelis appears on CAN TV to discuss the difficulty of Chicago's return to in-person learning, the future of Chicago's public schools, and the national phenomenon of private schools pushing to return to classrooms--in contrast to public schools primarily doing the opposite.

| RADIO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - The Jesse Kelly Show (iHeart Radio) - March 7, 2021
Corey DeAngelis joins Jesse Kelly to discuss school incentives and the push to fund students rather than systems.

| RADIO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - Mornings on the Mall (WMAL) - February 19, 2021
Corey DeAngelis talks to Vince Coglianese and Beverly Hallberg about recent controversies regarding school board meetings and the importance of education savings accounts. They also discuss West Virginia's expansive school choice bill.

| PODCAST | Corey DeAngelis - The Michael Berry Show - February 18, 2021
Corey DeAngelis joins The Michael Berry Show to answer questions about educational freedom and raise ideas about the future of the American education system.

| RADIO INTERVIEW | The Brian Nichols Show - We Are Libertarians - February 17, 2021
Corey DeAngelis reviews the disproportionate influence and power that the teachers unions and public school systems have over individual families. He and Brian Nichols discuss the rising demand for expansive school choice regardless of socioeconomic background.

| RADIO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - The Tom Anderson Show (KVNT)- February 12, 2021
Corey DeAngelis joins Tom Anderson to talk about per-pupil funding disparities between traditional public schools and public charter schools. They discuss the prevalency of choice in other taxpayer-funded initiatives such as the Alaska Performance Scholarship, yet that fails to be the norm for K-12 education.

| RADIO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - A Neighbor's Choice with David Gornoski - February 12, 2021
Corey DeAngelis discusses school choice and the fiscal impact of tax-credit scholarships. He also highlights the political and public support of bills aiming to fund students rather than institutions.

| RADIO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - The Steve Cortes Show - February 9, 2021
Corey DeAngelis discusses recent developments regarding the CTU's attempt to obstruct Chicago public school's return to in-person learning.

| RADIO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - The Simon Conway Show (WHO Radio) - February 5, 2021
Corey DeAngelis discusses the importance of school vouchers when public schools are pushing to stay closed while private schools are opening up for in-person instruction. He also talks to Simon Conway about school choice hypocrisy.

| RADIO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - The Guy Benson Show (Fox News Radio) - February 5, 2021
Corey DeAngelis joins Guy Benson to talk about how teachers unions may inadvertently be making a case for school choice. They discuss how choice is the norm for higher education and pre-K, but the union stronghold actively inhibits K-12 choice.

| PODCAST | Corey DeAngelis - New Hampshire Journal - February 5, 2021
Corey DeAngelis joins Michael Graham and Drew Cline to discuss New Hampshire's advances in educational freedom and dispel common school choice myths and fallacies.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | True Story with Mike Slater - The First - February 2, 2021
Corey DeAngelis joins Mike Slater to talk about school closures and an encouraging number of state bills that will essentially fund students rather than systems.

| TV APPEARANCE | Corey DeAngelis - CBS This Morning - February 2, 2021
Corey DeAngelis discusses the back to school debate and dissects the inhibiting role that unions are playing in Chicago's return to in-person learning.

| TV APPEARANCE/TWITTER MENTION | Corey DeAngelis - Newsmax - January 28, 2021
Corey DeAngelis reacts to a passionate Virginia parent's testimonial in front of the school board. As parents across the country wonder why students are not being treated as a priority, DeAngelis explains the inequities and inadequacies that are being exacerbated by school closures.

| TV APPEARANCE | Corey DeAngelis - Kennedy (Fox Business) - January 27, 2021
Corey DeAngelis joins Kennedy to discuss the Chicago teachers union strike. Unions are buoyed by an overwhelming number of Democrats ignoring the science and recommendations provided by the CDC. As students wait for in-person instruction, unions call out for more funding with no strings attached.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Only School Choice Can Solve Education Lockdowns - Free The People - January 27, 2021
Corey DeAngelis joins Matt Kibbe to discuss how school choice is the beacon of hope for families to avoid the harmful impact of government school shutdowns. DeAngelis explains that in its current state, the government monopoly on public education has no incentive to educate students in person.

| TV APPEARANCE | Chicago teachers face pay loss for staying home amid pandemic - The Daily Briefing (Fox News) - January 13, 2021
Corey DeAngelis appears on The Daily Briefing to talk about the VP of the Chicago Teachers Union vacationing in Puerto Rico while advocating for public schools to stay closed for in-person instruction.

| TV CITATION | Corey DeAngelis - The Five (Fox News) - January 12, 2021
Corey DeAngelis' appearance on The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino is referenced during a conversation about the push to reopen schools on Fox News.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Just How Rotten is the Public Education System? - For Canon Sake - January 4, 2021
Corey DeAngelis joins Eric July to discuss the current state of affairs in public education and the promising trend of parents voting with their feet.

| RADIO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - American Radio Journal - December 26, 2020
Corey DeAngelis appears on the American Radio Journal with Eric Boehm to talk about recent developments in school choice restriction tied into the COVID-19 relief package.

| RADIO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - The Pete Mundo Show (KCMO) - December 23, 2020
Corey DeAngelis appears on The Pete Mundo Show to discuss the stark contrast between private schools fighting to open and public schools pushing to keep their doors closed.

| TV APPEARANCE | Corey DeAngelis - Newsmax - November 26, 2020
Corey DeAngelis joins Newsmax to talk about what it would look like to fund students, rather than institutions. Melanie Burkholder discusses the dismal state of remote learning for students in California.

| TV APPEARANCE | Are teachers unions to blame for keeping schools closed? - Kennedy (Fox Business) - November 30, 2020
Corey DeAngelis sits down to discuss reopening schools and the teachers' unions unsubstantiated opposition to in-person instruction.

| TV APPEARANCE | School choice advocate argues kids should be learning in person - Fox & Friends (Fox News) - December 9, 2020
Corey DeAngelis appears on Fox & Friends to explain why schools should be opening for in-person instruction. He also highlights the push for private schools to reopen, while public schools are still trying to keep their doors closed.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - The Adam Carolla Show - December 3, 2020
Corey DeAngelis joins Adam Carolla to discuss how funding students directly allows for more equality by giving low-income families access to the same institutions that rich families benefit from.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | ‘Reopen The Schools!’: School Choice Advocate Explains Why Kids Should Be Learning In Person - Daily Caller - December 4, 2020
Corey DeAngelis speaks to Samantha Renck about Dr. Fauci's recent calls to open schools and how teachers unions are conveniently choosing to ignore "the science" when it does not fit their narrative.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - The Lou Perez Podcast - December 10, 2020
Corey DeAngelis and Lou Perez discuss a variety of reasons why a family may seek an educational option outside of their residentially assigned public school. They also critique what it means to be "educated" and how more school does not always equate to being more educated.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | School Choice Myths: Setting the Record Straight on Education Freedom - ExcelinEd (The Heritage Foundation) - December 9, 2020
This panel invites several education policy experts, including Lindsey Burke, to analyze many of the myths addressed in "School Choice Myths: Setting the Record Straight on Education Freedom," the new book edited by Corey DeAngelis and Neal McCluskey.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Staying Up-to-Date on the Education Choice Literature - A Review from Leading Experts - ExcelinEd (The Heritage Foundation) - December 10, 2020
Corey DeAngelis and Lindsey Burke join other experts to review what this year has meant for school choice. The panelists discuss the impact of school choice through a variety of recent studies focusing on academic and non-academic outcomes.

| TV APPEARANCE | Next steps for the school choice movement amid coronavirus pandemic - The Next Revolution w/ Steve Hilton (Fox News) - July 20, 2020
Corey DeAngelis talks to Steve Hilton about the future of the school choice movement and how the pandemic has expedited educational innovation.

| PODCAST | K-12 Spending vs. Private School-- What are the actual costs? with Matt Nielsen from Educational Freedom Institute - The Love Your School Podcast - December 20, 2020
Matthew Nielsen talks to Jenny Clark about per-pupil public spending relative to private school tuition. As parents, they discuss the importance of school choice to ensure a quality education for children.

| TV APPEARANCE | Cavuto: Coast to Coast - Fox Business - September 14, 2020
As schools across the country are failing to meet students' needs, Corey DeAngelis advocates for funding to follow students rather than institutions.

| RADIO APPEARANCE | Matt Nielsen - The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris - December 17, 2020
Matthew Nielsen and James T. Harris talk about a controversial anti-charter advocate in Arizona and EFI's fight to expand school choice.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - Adamcast IRL - September 5, 2020
Corey DeAngelis sits down with Adam Crigler to discuss how traditional public schools have effectively turned into a government monopoly. Having seen that pouring more money into a failing product is not helping students, the question should not be about increased funding, but rather how existing funds are being allocated.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW/PODCAST | Corey DeAngelis - "Your Welcome" with Michael Malice - February 26, 2020
Corey DeAngelis joins Michael Malice to discuss school choice and debunk the misconception that education funding has decreased over the years.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Schools Are BROKEN And Indoctrinate Kids, Expert Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy On School Choice - Timcast IRL - March 6, 2020
Tim Pool and Corey DeAngelis speak about school choice hypocrisy, indoctrination within our government schools, and the growing influence that teachers unions have on politics.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | School is a Government-Run Failure That Breeds Frustration and Lack of Purpose - Timcast IRL - March 6, 2020
Tim Pool talks to Corey DeAngelis about the cookie-cutter mold of government-run schools and how it stunts creativity and purpose. They also discuss how expanding educational options and shifting away from archaic models of education would make schooling and learning more efficient and less costly.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | A Taste of Homeschooling - Stossel TV - May 19, 2020
John Stossel and Corey DeAngelis discuss how the pandemic is unintentionally giving millions of parents a sense of what homeschooling looks like. They also talk about how homeschooling largely flips the script on low-income children scoring worse on standardized tests than their more-fortunate peers.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | The Disinformation Against Homeschooling Conference - Ideological Diversity (Harvard Kennedy School) - May 2, 2020
Ideological Diversity hosts an event in response to attacks in academia and the media on homeschooling. Corey DeAngelis dissects Elizabeth Bartholet's calls for a presumptive ban on homeschooling.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | The Corruption of Public Education & the Need for School Choice | Guest: Corey A. DeAngelis - Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey - July 24, 2020
Corey DeAngelis sits down with Allie Beth Stuckey to talk about the importance of school choice for vulnerable and low-income students. They discuss topics such as the intersection of safety, character, environment, and academics in relation to school choice, and the fallacy behind "defunding" education.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Senator Rand Paul talks with Corey DeAngelis about the SCHOOL Act Legislation - Choice Media - August 6, 2020
Senator Rand Paul joins Corey DeAngelis to introduce legislation that funds families directly rather than institutions. Paul debunks the claim that educational savings plans would lead to fraudulent and unwise expenditures.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Corey DeAngelis - Congressman Andy Biggs Show - August 4, 2020
Corey DeAngelis joins U.S. Congressman Andy Biggs to discuss Arizona's decision to delay school reopenings and the power of the Arizona Education Association.

| TV APPEARANCE | Indoctrination in Philadelphia Schools Exposed - One America News Network - September 25, 2020
Corey DeAngelis speaks about the growing divide between parental wishes and public school influence. Instead of providing students with the tools to enable them to think critically, public school teachers such as Matthew Kay are imparting their beliefs to influence what students should be thinking.

| TV APPEARANCE | 2020 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference - Pennsylvania Cable Network - September 25, 2020
Corey DeAngelis discusses how school choice would enable disadvantaged families to have similar educational opportunities as high-income families.

| TV APPEARANCE | Corey DeAngelis - Fox 5 DC - September 25, 2020
Corey DeAngelis appears on FOX 5 DC to discuss the misappropriation of taxpayer dollars by the Fairfax County Public Schools at a time when unions across the nation are clamoring for increased funding.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Freedom Fest - The Rubin Report - October 1, 2020
Dave Rubin and Mark Skousen host a panel of libertarian experts on a wide variety of subjects. Corey DeAngelis and Kerry McDonald are joined by Connor Boyack to discuss the current state of affairs in the field of education.

| PODCAST | Corey DeAngelis Argues School Choice is A Rising Tide that Lifts All Boats - Walk-Ins Welcome w/ Bridget Phetasy - October 29, 2020
Corey DeAngelis and Bridget Phetasy talk about the real meaning of school choice, and how a social and economic equalizer has turned into a polarizing partisan issue.

| VIDEO INTERVIEW | Free Markets Destroy - Washington Policy Center - October 29, 2020
Corey DeAngelis appears on Free Markets Destroy to dispel common myths regarding school choice and its impact on the traditional public school system. He argues for providing the intended beneficiary with autonomy over their education dollars to hold government public schools accountable.

| TV APPEARANCE | The School Choice Now Act - CBS NEWS - July 23, 2020
Shannon Handy from CBS News discusses the benefits of the School Choice Now Act with Corey DeAngelis. This proposal, which would give parents control of their children's education dollars, comes at a time when private schools are fighting to keep their doors open, while public schools are largely opposing school openings.

| PODCAST | Is Your Child's School Safe?
Andrew Pollack has dedicated his life to school safety as the father of one of the victims of the Parkland, Florida school shooting in 2018. He joins Corey DeAngelis and Matthew Nielsen to talk about what he's learned since that tragedy.

Audio podcasts available HERE.

| PODCAST | K-12 Education Spending Re-examined
Dr. Ben Scafidi, Director of Education Economics Center at Kennesaw State University; Friedman Fellow at EdChoice; Advisory Board member at EFI joins Corey DeAngelis and Matthew Nielsen to discuss Arizona's Proposition 208 and similar K-12 education funding measures. We also discuss teacher certification and mentoring programs.

Audio podcasts available HERE.